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In this place, you are sitting now, swans were settled at the confluence of the Strhanec brook and the Bečva river ones in time out of mind. The swans are featured by their beauty, nobility , however, their most important feature is loyalty to each other throughout their lives and if one of the couple dies, the other one follows him / her very soon.

At the beginning of the 19th century, a young men called Ernest lived here and he inherited a small restaurant, where - according to the Swan´s Tale - if one of the innkeepers´ couple died, he would be followed by the other one within a year and a day at the latest.

Ernest not cognizant of this fact, took for wife a nice girl called Madeleine who gave him two children in a short time. Unfortunately for the young family, the Emperor called him and the young Ernest had to leave for the army. After half a year, a message arrived that Ernest had been killed in a distant country. Madelaine experienced inexpressible sorrow and grief.

All neighbours cognizant of the tale waited that Madelaine would also depart from this life. After a year and a day had passed from Ernest´s death, the old neighbour Vysloužil told her with a twinkle in his eye that her husband lived and that he was certain of this, however, he didn´t tell her the genuine reason of his presumption, namely that the tale had not come true.

And the destiny allowed the truth of his words, because Ernest came back after having visited perhaps each part of the world. The neighbour Vysloužil revealed his secret, why he had been believing that Ernest was alive. Since that time, the inn was called "The Swan". Ernest and his wife were running the inn for a long time and Ernest liked very much preparing dishes from the countries he had visited for his guests.

Ernest with Madelaine made old bones. They left this world together in order to meet the Swan´s Tale.

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